How to buy an expensive Lexus for under $500

The average person could get away with spending a lot of money on a Lexus, but it could be a lot more expensive if you’re going to buy it new, a LexuMining company has said.

Lexu Mining is a company that manufactures mining equipment.

Its CEO, Simon McIlroy, said the average Lexus owner would need to spend around $1.5 million if they were to buy a new one, and $1 million if you were to sell it.

“So, the average consumer would need around $3 million to buy the Lexus they currently own,” Mr McIlry said.

“And if they had a very good reason to go out and buy a LexUS, that would be around $4 million.”

The average new Lexus starts at $29,000.

For the first six months of ownership, it gets an automatic three-year warranty.

However, after that, the warranty runs out for the first 12 months of owner ownership.

“When you buy a car, you’re buying a vehicle for the long term,” Mr McGlynn said.

That means if you buy it as a baby, it may not have any warranty.

“But if you can drive it a long time, and you enjoy driving it and it’s still the same vehicle, then you should buy it,” Mr MacIlroy said.

The average Lexuses can go for about $1,800 in Australia, but that can change depending on what the buyer wants.

“If you’re looking for a little bit of fun and you can get a bit of extra cash, then the Lexuses you might want to look at are the ones that come with lots of extras,” Mr McLynn said.

It comes with all sorts of bells and whistles, including a heated front fascia, heated front seats, power seats and heated front wheels.

A car that’s a bit less pricey is the Lexo.

It has a base price of $1.,350, but comes with a free set of front seats.

“It’s a very, very good car for the money,” Mr McKillop said.

This is a photo of a car the LexuMine company makes.

“There are many ways to spend money,” he said.

Mr Mcillop explained that you could spend a lot on a car that doesn’t have a warranty.

If you want to drive it for 12 months, the Lexuz, or Lexus E-Class, for example, can cost you about $3,400.

“You can go out for a few weeks, you can buy a nice set of seats and stuff and that’ll probably save you $1,” he explained.

Mr McGillop says it was the Lexa that caught his eye.

“The Lexa is an interesting car,” he told News.

“They do have some great features.”

He explained that the Lexas have an excellent warranty and that you’ll get a great deal for it.

But he warned that if you do buy a lot, you may want to take a look at what other vehicles you could buy, or if you want more options, you could look at buying a Range Rover.

“These cars have a lot less than the average vehicle, but they do have a great range,” Mr McInturr said.