How to win the Serie A title with a new coach

By Football Italy staff The football world is finally starting to catch up with Giovanni Trapattoni.

The former Juventus coach has won the Scudetto, but the most recent title was in 2012-13, and he has since won four Serie A titles.

The 49-year-old has managed at least four different clubs, having won six Serie A trophies and three Copa del Rey titles with Juventus.

However, it was Trapattonia who was named manager of the Juventus-based Torino in 2013.

Here are his five tips for a successful season: 1.

Look at the positives Trapattonian footballers have shown since leaving Juventus: After a disappointing 2013-14 campaign, Trapattonias team did well to qualify for the Champions League and the Europa League.

However this season the Italian champions did not have any problems in Serie A. They finished in third place, with a goal difference of 1.8.

Trapattona has a reputation for creating and managing success, which he did with Torino, which reached the Coppa Italia Final, and reached the Europa Cup Final, but he also managed Napoli, Bologna and AC Milan.

He has won three Serie A championships with each club.


Focus on quality of your players: Trapattons team has one of the highest standards of play in the league.

The team finished fourth in Serie B in 2013-2014, while they have a league-best coefficient of .88.

Their players have played in the Champions Trophy every year, which is one of their main achievements.

They have scored more goals than any other team in the top tier.


Keep your players fit: This season, Torino are not only lacking a striker, but also a centre-back.

It is not that they are lacking in defensive options, as they have several players with long-term contracts.

However they have some promising players who have started games this season.

For example, Gennaro Gattuso has started 12 Serie A games.


Don’t lose sight of your tactical priorities: This is a very tactical team.

The game is not just about passing the ball, which was an important element of their play last season.

It’s about how you move the ball with the ball and when to exploit that.

The main tactic of the team is to attack from the wings, where they scored more than anyone else.

They are very good at finding the right space to attack, as the only goal they conceded was when they were playing in a 5-3-2 formation.


Focus not on the results, but on your players’ performances: In the Champions Cup Final this season, the Torino players dominated the possession and the game.

However after the match, it is important to remember that they did not win.

Trapassons players are not in the best form, but his players still have to focus on improving their performances and that is something that is very important.

In this case, it will be crucial for them to get better in the future.