Honda finance car makes its debut in China

Honda finance cars have been a staple of the Japanese carmaker’s sales lineup for years, but their introduction in China has been more of a surprise.

The first of the cars will debut in Guangzhou, the Chinese capital, in late September, according to Automotive News.

The carmaker is also planning to bring the cars to other cities in the country in the coming weeks.

According to Automoto, the company has already built two models of the new Civic in China.

The first is the $8,400 Civic Concept.

The second is a $12,500 Civic.

While the cost of the Civic is more expensive than the $6,500 model, it’s still a bargain compared to other luxury cars in the U.S.

The Civic Concept features a six-cylinder turbocharged engine with a combined output of 730 hp and 700 lb-ft of torque.

The base model, which will start at about $30,000, will have a starting price of about $35,000.

The two models will both get a range of 215 miles on a single charge.

The Civic is said to have a fuel economy rating of 15/24/22 mpg.

The sedan has a range rating of 20/25 mpg and the crossover is rated at 25/30 mpg, according AutoNation.