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financial literacy is the ability to understand how financial assets and liabilities are structured and to make sound financial decisions.

Financial literacy is often thought of as a skill that is learned through hard work and practice.

While financial literacy can be acquired through an individual’s schooling or a course of study, there are many resources available that can help.

For example, the Financial Literacy Academy can provide resources that can teach you financial literacy skills, such as how to manage a company’s financial resources, manage risk and create the best-in-class portfolio.

There are also many online resources that you can access to help you learn more about financial literacy and to gain practical skills to make better decisions.

Below, we’ve highlighted some of the most popular financial literacy courses that can be accessed online.

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How can I find a financial literacy course that I like?

Financial literacy courses can be found online, by using the search function or by using a search engine like Google Finance or

To find a course that you enjoy, you can click on the star rating and click the + next to the name to add it to your favourites.

Below are some examples of courses that you might find useful: