Conservative Party strategist says Trump is the GOP’s most effective leader

A senior adviser to a conservative political consulting firm told The American Conservatives on Tuesday that President Donald Trump’s chief strategist is among the top five most effective political leaders in the country.

The advisor, Michael Caputo, said in an interview that Trump is also among the GOP most effective fundraising and grassroots organizers, according to The Hill.

Caputo told The Hill that the president is also in the top three most effective leaders in fundraising and organizing outside groups.

Caputino said that Trump has the most effective grassroots organizations in the nation, according the Hill.

Trump’s leadership team includes Steve Bannon, his chief strategist and the president’s former chief of staff Reince Priebus, who is now White House chief of strategy.

Caputtino said Trump’s team is now running the Republican National Committee, which has been criticized by some conservatives for its lack of grassroots organizations and the fact that Trump and Bannon have not spoken with RNC Chairman Reince Preibus.

Capucci said that the RNC’s failure to connect with conservative grassroots groups and grassroots voters is part of a larger problem that is hurting the party.

Caputi said the Republican Party has lost the trust of conservative voters in recent years, including millennials, who have been disillusioned by the party’s support for Trump and the Republican agenda.

He added that there is no better person than Bannon to lead the Republican party in 2020.

“Bannon has the right mix of the right kind of ideas, the right sort of temperament to be a great leader, and I think he’s the one that’s going to be able to do it,” Caputo said.

“I’m not saying he’s a perfect leader, but he’s going be able… to lead us to victory in 2020.”

Caputo’s remarks came in an article published by the conservative website The Daily Caller, which is also run by Bannon and Priebus.

The Daily Conservative, which bills itself as “the most pro-Trump publication in the world,” was founded by Bannon, who has made the rounds in conservative media over the last several months.

Bannon told The Daily Beast that Caputo is “one of the smartest people in the game.”

Capututo said that he does not know if he will stay in his role at the firm or return to the Trump administration.

Caputa said he is confident that Trump will win reelection, despite some criticism.

He said he would like to see Bannon become chairman of the RNC, but that he will not return to his role as Bannon’s chief of the campaign.

CapUTINO said that his experience has led him to believe that Bannon’s success will be shared by the Republican leadership.

“It’s going take a lot of effort, but I think we can make some big gains in the 2020 election,” Caputinos said.