The latest in the Paccar saga

The Paccars latest big payouts are in, and we have the details from the Financial Times.

The news agency says that Paccaro’s shares have been bought out by the French group, but it’s not clear what the cash has been spent on.

It says the Pearsons have been given €50m for the purchase, but we don’t know how much the company actually paid.

Paccara is one of Europe’s largest financial services companies.

The French group bought a minority stake in the group in January 2016 for €1.5bn.

It’s not yet clear if the buyout was made public, and Paccarias share price has been relatively stable over the last few months.

Pearson’s shares are up almost 10 per cent in 2017.

Pins are up 2.3 per cent and Pascarias is up 3.3%.

Paccarelli’s shares rose 3 per cent.

Pascara has been a financial services company since 1999.

PACCAR has been one of the world’s biggest financial services groups.

It is part of the Financial Services Group, a unit of French financial giant BNP Paribas.

PASCAR is a unit in the Bank of Cyprus and has a €3.6bn loan guarantee from the European Central Bank.