How to access RMIT’s financial aid

As an undergraduate student at RMIT, you are eligible for RMIT financial aid.

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RMIT Student Financial Aid RMIT offers financial aid to students in its four-year and beyond undergraduate programmes.

Students will be able to apply for RMit Financial Aid for the next four years, up to a maximum of $15,000 per year, for tuition, fees, books and room and board.

Students who do not meet the minimum financial need for the program will receive an annual stipend.

RMit also offers scholarships and grants to cover costs for courses, which are also available to students who are also enrolled in RMIT.

Students applying for financial aid will need to make sure they are eligible before they start applying.

RMITT is also open to applying for the RMITS Financial Aid.

For further information, visit: or call 1800 572 090.

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RMITS Student Financial Assistance RMIT is the first university to offer RMIT students financial assistance for the cost of attending RMIT University.

RMTS Financial Aid Program You may also be eligible for this RMIT student financial assistance if you are enrolled in the RMTS (Rendering, Computer Science and Engineering) Financial Aid Programme (FAP).

Students will need a RMTS Application to apply and the student’s financial need will be determined based on their academic record.

Financial aid is not available to people who have not graduated from RMIT or are not enrolled in one of the RMTs financial aid programmes.

Financial Aid and Other RMIT Services Financial Aid is available to RMIT undergraduate students, and to students with a minimum of RMIT enrolment.

To apply for financial assistance, please complete the RMITT application form or call the RMTR office on 1800 822 096.

Financial assistance is available until September 15, 2019.

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Application for financial help – RMITFAP (RMIT Financial Assistance) RMIT Students can apply for student financial help for RMITS fees, costs and other costs of attending a university through the RMTT Student Financial Services application form.

Students are required to complete the application and submit the completed application to the RMTC office.

Financial help is available for students from a minimum RMIT attendance to a minimum 5 years of RMTS undergraduate education, and for students who do both undergraduate and graduate courses.

To submit the RMTFAP application, please fill out the form, send the completed form and email the completed RMTT application to: RMTC Office, Room A, 1/2 St Georges Rd, Melbourne, VIC 3021, or call 1300 868 740.

Student Financial Support RMTS students who complete their RMTS education will be entitled to RMTS financial aid for the remaining four years of their degree.

The financial aid is calculated at the following rates: RMTS fee: $3,800 (full-time) and $1,400 (junior students) for students aged 25-34; $3 (full time) and -$300 (juniors) for student aged 35-44; $2,000 (juniper students) and up to $1.30 (junipers) for those aged 45-59; and up for student with a maximum RMTS attendance of 6 years and up.

For additional information, contact the RMTD financial assistance office on 1300 838 888.

For a list of RMITS financial aid providers, go here.

Student Support RMIT also provides a number of services for students, such as: financial aid assistance for student loans (to cover fees, charges and other debt related costs); financial aid support to students (for student loans, student assistance, tuition assistance and the RMET financial assistance program); financial assistance to RMTC students (to help students with financial needs); student counselling; financial support for students with disabilities; and more.

You may find more information on RMIT services, including financial aid, on the RMFT website: