Harley Financial to sell its business in California

Harley Financial will close its California office on Thursday, as it looks to expand to other states.

The Harley-Davidson brand will remain with the Mountain West region and the Midwest.

Harley-Ralph Lauren will remain in the Northeast.

The Harley-Randolph will continue to operate as a division of the Rancid brand.

Harley will close the Mountain west office in California and the Midwestern office in Ohio.

The company will also close its Pacific Northwest and Southern California offices on Thursday.

The California office will remain open as the new company will use the space for internal communications.

The New York and Los Angeles offices will remain closed as Harley has moved into other states in the next few years.

Harly said the move was made to increase profitability and ensure it has enough resources to continue to deliver quality services to customers.

The move comes as the company struggles to survive on its own in the global marketplace.

Its share price has been hammered by the sharp drop in demand for motorcycles and other ridesharing vehicles.