A $1bn plan to invest in US futures markets is being backed by the world’s biggest derivatives traders

A new financial instrument called smart futures, which was recently unveiled by a US financial institution, will be launched in the US market later this year, according to a Reuters report.

The instrument is designed to help investors hedge against risks associated with financial instruments.

It is being funded by US derivatives firms.

The new technology is being developed by a group of US financial firms called Synchrony.

It will use data collected from banks and other financial institutions to provide users with a detailed view of financial markets, Reuters reported.

The Synchronys project was funded by a $1.6bn investment from a group led by JPMorgan Chase, and is being supported by a number of US banks.

The investment was made after Synchronies researchers analyzed the behaviour of a number in the financial market, according the Reuters report on the Synchronyns initiative.

Symmetry Financial Group, which is the main financial institution for the Synchronicity project, has already invested in several financial products that use the technology.

This latest one, called smart swaps, is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2020.

The concept of smart swaps is similar to the technology used by banks to trade derivatives.

The goal of smart futures is to make it easier for consumers to hedge their portfolios.

It involves buying and selling different types of derivatives contracts, as well as taking into account other market conditions.

Symbols, like futures, can also be used to hedge against economic and other events.

In addition, Synchronymics technology will be able to provide a market for investors to store their positions in futures contracts.

In the future, smart futures may be used as a tool for investors in the global market.