How to set up your own smart financial center

RVA, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is set to become a smart financial hub.

According to the official plan, the city’s smart financial centers will provide basic services to its residents in exchange for money that they can use for purchasing goods and services.RVA is also set to host the first smart bank, RVA Digital, in 2019.

The plan also aims to make the city more competitive in the global financial services market.

“Our goal is to become the world’s number one financial center.

By 2020, ROVA will become a financial hub with more than 500 financial centers.

It will serve as the global headquarters for financial services,” said Lola Cire, executive director of the city council’s finance department.

According to a press release, the goal is for the city to be able to serve the needs of more than 50 million residents by the end of 2019.

Financial centers in the region have been hit by a wave of attacks from Boko Haram, an Islamist group that has claimed responsibility for at least 10 of the recent attacks.

In September, the government banned all foreign financial institutions from using the capital.