Bank of America, Byu Financial Center to close on Friday

Bank of American Financial Center (BAFC) is closing its doors on Friday, the company said in a statement.

The closure is expected to take place in the first half of the year.

The company said it expects to have a staff of around 350 people in the company by the end of 2019.

BFC has been working with local and federal authorities to assist in the transition, and it will continue to be a valuable asset for our clients and customers in the future, according to the statement.

BFB said it will also continue to invest in its global footprint through acquisitions and strategic alliances.

BAFC has been a part of the U.S. financial system for more than a century.

It was founded in 1854 by John C. Rockefeller, and in 1900 it became one of the largest banks in the world, with assets of $1.5 trillion.

BofA is one of many banks that are moving to close as a result of the Great Recession.

The bank’s closing comes on the heels of the Bank of China shutting down its trading operations.