Aussie bank is offering an $8,000 bonus to every US citizen who graduates from college with a degree in the field

AUSTRALIA has become the first country to offer a free college diploma to every Australian citizen who completes an accredited program.

Key points:The government has introduced the free university education to help more students get into the workforceSource: AAPThe government is calling for a national system to support students who get into universitySource: AUSTRAC/ABC/Reuters The Government will provide free university courses for every Australian aged between 17 and 25 by the end of 2019.

Students at the University of Adelaide, Melbourne, and the University at Adelaide will be eligible to apply for the free program.

The Australian Government says it is a “significant step” to provide free education to those who want to pursue a career in the public sector, but the move comes as some people who had graduated from high school or university are still struggling to find work.

The program will start next year, and is expected to boost the number of Australians who have completed a bachelor’s degree or higher by more than 20 per cent.

“The University of Australia is taking steps to ensure more Australians get the degree that will prepare them for the workplace, and more Australians will benefit from the financial and educational benefits of the National Accreditation Program,” the Education Minister, Michael McCormack, said in a statement.

“It’s good news for people who are studying to get a degree, and good news to students who have the option to take a course at a university.”

More people are now starting their own business and we want to ensure every Australian gets the skills they need to succeed in a job market that’s rapidly changing.

“Education Minister Michael McCormick, who has been pushing for the program, said the move was “a significant step forward” for the country.”

We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from students from all over the country, and it’s great that students from the region are making a contribution to this program,” he said.

He said it was a “world-leading achievement” for students who were eligible for the loan.

The Australian Federal Government will pay for the students to attend the program.

University of Adelaide students will be required to have a bachelor degree or above to qualify for the fee.

The $8 million program is one of a series of measures the Government has put in place to support more Australians who want a career, and to create a more stable and secure society.

Mr McCormack said the program was part of a broader “pivot” to the country’s education system.

While the program will be offered to students from universities, the Government will also make the program available to students in “non-traditional” areas of study.”

This program will help many more people who aspire to become citizens of a country that is leading the world in research and innovation,” Mr McCormack added.

Students at Melbourne’s University of Technology and Melbourne’s Griffith University will also be eligible.

Earlier this month, the Prime Minister announced he was setting up an Australian Institutes of Health Research-funded research center in Melbourne.

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